Tuesday September 22nd, 2015 - 8:55AM-9:45AM

In navigating the tides of project controls, data can be your guiding light and an invaluable asset – if you understand what it tells you. With increasingly large data volumes and complexities, merely having access to all of your data is no longer enough to remain competitive. You must be able to efficiently pull business intelligence out of your numbers; slicing and dicing your data to gain valuable, actionable insight into trends and performance.

EcoSys EPC goes beyond simply making your data available, and in this session we will look at the robust dashboard, drilldown, and analytics features that it uses to place insight right at your fingertips. We’ll spend time understanding the visual charting and graphing options offered, and which strategies to employ in different business applications. We’ll see firsthand how EcoSys EPC’s data drilldown features allow you to think through your data naturally and efficiently. After this session, attendees will be familiar with the analytics and dashboard tools that may be configured as part of their overall EPC solution.